Saturday, April 9, 2011

FUN #5


While traveling along the great network of tubes that is the internet I came across a wonderfully sick magazine called “FUN”. From the cover I knew that this magazine would indeed be fun. The price for said magazine was simply the shipping, how fucking awesome is that?!?!
            FUN is a magazine loaded with knowledge that should not be known. It contains the secrets of the underground, the unknown, the strange and the weird. The articles vary from “Interesting”, “That’s a good point”, “Are they fucking with me?”, and “The fuck is this shit?” There really is a terrific variety of stories. Also the illustrations that accompany the stories as well as the magazine as a whole, work well to create an atmosphere of insanity. To give you a better idea of what the hell is going in this magazine; here are some of the article titles:

“Roid Rage: The top 10 steroid-induced murders of all time”
“Human Leopard Societies”
“Sieg Hi-De-Heil!”
“Ritual Abuse”
“230,000 Lost Souls”
“FUN Magazine vs Islamo Fascism”
“10 Reasons Why… Falsely accused date-rapists don’t deserve your sympathy”

            Yeah, it’s basically the most interesting thing I’ve discovered from the small press/self-published world. The first four issues are all sold out and it wouldn’t surprise me if this one did soon. A must read for those who crave knowledge of the bizarre. 

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