Monday, January 31, 2011

Bands to Watch for: The Devastator

The Devastator is a death metal band from East Lansing, Michigan consisting of Clint Harkness on vocals, Tony Davis on guitar, Scott Lehman on bass, Clint Salisbury on guitar, and James Dempsey on drums. These guys were cool enough to send me some songs when I was calling on different bands from Myspace to send their music to WUVT.  In fact, they were the only band to respond to my request.
The two songs they sent me were “Bound and Gagged” and “Black Rapture”. At first I was rather unsure how much I really liked these songs or even the band itself. They were cool enough to send me tracks and I thought the music was pretty good.
Fast forward 3-6 months later, and their singer Clint sends me another email telling me about their new songs and an upcoming debut EP. I had to change my pants after hearing the two new songs. What progression! The Devastator went from, “okay this is death metal” to “FUCKING DEATH METAL!” in a few months.
I am really excited for the upcoming EP and wish these guys much success. They bring some fresh sounding death metal while tipping their hats to the masters. Keep your eyes and ears up for these guys.

More information on the band:
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If you know any metal bands that you think kickass do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to spread the word and get their sound on WUVT*
*If  its good enough :) 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eyeball Comix Issues 1 & 2

                I was drawn towards Eyeball Comix because it looked like a comic that would pull the right elements of metal, horror and comics together. I was very excited about this title and ordered the first and second issues together.

                The first issue is 28 pages and features six different artists. The first story “The Treasure of Slagg Rock” sets the bar pretty high. The art is very detailed and reflects the talent of artist Rob Amos. He draws his women with big tits and nice curves. The story is fun and original. The next story is entitled “Shotgun Man”, its one page, pointless, and made me laugh. The next story is a little too artsy fartsy for my taste. Its titled “My Ghost” by Nuala Murphy and while it does feature murder and tits, I felt it didn’t have the same absurdist humor as the earlier stories. The next story is called “Angel Dust: Assassin of Youth”. I loved this story! This story takes accounts or supposed accounts of people who have used PCP with horrific results! The art is a simple cartoony style with great facial expressions and gore. I believe the artist behind this piece is name Aresrott. Beyond this there are some miscellaneous pieces of appealing cartoons and comics. The first issue concludes with a tale of monkey cannibalism. When I finished with this I was very happy to have the second issue of gore and mayhem ready to read. 

                Eyeball Comix issue 2 is a nice big 52 pages of similar horror, gore, metal, and complete mental insanity as the first. It contains some of the same artists and some new ones which really add to the diversity of this comic. The layout on this issue is a little better than the first, the interiors are of a slightly glossy black and white, and there is even a table of contents so I know who did what.
                The issue starts off with another Aresrott story, this time involving one of the Manson girls. It’s gory and disturbing, and very informative. I say informative on the assumption that the story is not bullshit, but based on historical fact. The next story is by Rob Amos called “Pirate Sluts”, more great art featuring curvy women, great tits, and nautical themes. After “Pirate Sluts” we get to “Crazy Shit” by Aidan Cook. “Crazy Shit” is the kind of shit I want from my underground self-published comix!!! I don’t give two shits about some post-modern abstract expressionist horse cock of a comic! I want loud noisy violent action in my comix and sonofabitch if Aidan Cook doesn’t bring it! There are two “Crazy Shit” stories in this issue strategically spaced to give you some extra “FUCK YEAH!” when you need it. Both stories are ones that speak highly of the complex society we live in, touching on delicate issues such as hipsters and beer. The art is somewhere between Sam Kieth, Evan Dorkin, and blunt force trauma! Following the first “Crazy Shit” story are a few pages of well, filler. They are some pretty cool pages that maintain the atmosphere that something fucky is going on.
                After a few filler pages we have story entitled “Dr. Sarcophagus Brain of the Gut Man” by Barry Cook. This is another story that fits well with this collection. It’s got Nazis and mindless killing machines made from intestines. ‘Nuff said. Moving on we have the second “Crazy Shit” story. Fuck yeah! Next we have two pages of Kyle Platts. I’m not exactly cumming all over myself when I see Platts' art, but I don’t hate it either. There is a lot of detail and overall an extreme grossness to his work. His pieces are good and contribute to this issue. Next there is “Filthy Lucre” by Russell Taysom. This is a cute little comic in both art and style. I really liked the story, but it is a tad milder than what came before it and I mean that in a good way. It’s almost like a cool breeze on your face before the lunatic with the ski mask returns to torture you with a hacksaw.
 Following this is the story “Blowflies from Outer Space” by Aresrott. Once again Aresrott delivers a real fun horror story this time with some science fiction. Concluding this story are a few filler pages.
Overall I was very happy with both issues. I had been looking for something wild, violent, sick and awesome for a while now and after some being let down by some other titles I can say with much confidence that Eyeball Comix is what I have been looking for.

Check’em out here:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sargeist - Let the Devil in (2010)

                I visited Moribund Records one day and saw their promotion for this album. I will tell you in all honesty, it was ridiculous. They could not have praised this album more or exemplified how important it would be to the entire metal scene and the human race. I really liked “Disciple of the Heinous Path”; six long tracks, raw black mysterious satanic music. Truly underrated and nowhere near as well-known as it should be. When I picked up “Let the Devil In” I was expecting roughly the same thing. I was wrong, and I am glad I was.
                       No intro! I love that! There are many cases where an intro to the album sets the mood and creates a terrifically terrifying nightmare atmosphere of death and doom, but where so much black metal consists of roaring waves of cold blasting hatred all of the time, fuck intros.
                       There are 10 songs of terror, darkness, satanic devotion, and mysterious rites. The album favors good production and a faster tempo as opposed to “Disciple of the Heinous Path” which is much more raw and slower. I really love how Sargeist changed their style with this album. There are way too many bands playing complete garbage black metal. There are too many bands that say “Fuck Jesus!” with sonic blast beats and ass-ripping guitar riffs all recorded on an 1880’s phonograph! Sargeist brings the speed, good quality, and a love for Satan. That is genius. That is what I love about Emperor’s song “ Inno a Satana”. Forget songs about hatred towards a God who is trying to control your life and will send you to hell if you don’t kiss his ass, and try songs about pure unconditional love for a being of absolute evil. That is piss out your tits scary.
                Some may argue that this album is nothing special, and in fact sounds how any black metal album should sound. I have already stated how I feel about so much of the shit that is released as black metal. That is why I feel this is so much above anything out there. This is what a great black metal album sounds like, harsh vocals, droning guitars, and awesome drums. I hope Sargeist gains more recognition from this album. Moribund Records was not dicking around when they spoke so highly of this album.
                This album takes you into the blackest dungeons, into the mysteries of the unknown, where the followers of hell sharpen their horns.  Black castles of doom appear in the moonlight but only briefly, clouds block all light and you feel a seething devotion rise inside of you, the Master calls you forth to the ritual, Let the Devil in!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Putrid Gore Art

                Before Myspace cocked itself over with the new layout, I would actually follow bands and learn a good deal about small labels and those who made the art. During one of these exploratory periods, I discovered “Putrid Gore Art”. After some time and discovering that Razorback Records sold out of them, I found a copy at Hell’s Headbangers. 

                I was very pleased and disgusted with this little booklet. Some places the “Putrid Gore Art” book is advertised as being in “glorious black & white”, I would have to disagree with this elevating of the black & white pieces over the color ones. In fact the color pieces add such a huge element to the art. The gore and blood of varying reds, the putrefied skin tones, and Jesus all the shades of pus and vomit! But regardless, this is a very eye catching book! The first 4-5 pages are some of my favorite. “Plague of the Zombies”, “Impetigo”, “Black Tooth Skateboards”, “Skunk”, and “Street Trash” pieces are so good! The book continues with some covers he did for the zine “Liquid Cheese”. Putrid knows more than just how to draw zombies, he knows how to make good covers that get the viewer interested. I never heard of “Liquid Cheese”, but I would love to get my hands on some issues simply because of Putrid’s covers. The book then proceeds to show off his album covers. 

                Some of the great contemporary horror metal bands have some of Putrid’s best work. Fondlecorpse, Revolting, and Bloodfreak, have all been lucky enough to have albums from this sick bastard. Putrid does many albums in just black and white, but once again it’s the colored albums that really stick out. Whether it’s a heavily detailed cover like the Fondlecorpse/Frightmare splt or the “Dreadful Pleasures” by Revolting, color makes the piece so much more enjoyable. 

                His black and white work is still really good. What I really like is that Putrid has two styles; one which has heavy cross hatching and the other which is more linear with crisp lines and solid shading. Both styles work tremendously to show scenes of horror and blasphemy, and reflect how talented Putrid is. I hope this book has been successful for Putrid (aka Matthew Carr) and that more bands have commissioned his work. It is 32 pages in total roughly digest size, A5.
I keep this on my desk for those times when there is not enough liquor in the universe at least I have my “Putrid Gore Art”.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

And so it begins..

                “Not Enough Liquor in the Universe” is a phrase I would like to attribute to comedian Lewis Black. I can’t recall which album or even what the premise of the joke was, but I have found myself using the phrase when normal day to day life is more than my mind can handle. I’m hoping to keep up this blog with stuff about comics, metal, books, and maybe even something educational (that’s right! edu-fuckin-cation!). So stay posted.