Monday, February 28, 2011

Closed Caption Comics #9

             I’m a simple man; I like my music loud and my comics awesome. I was a little hesitant about “Closed Caption Comics #9”; it seemed like an anthology that would be too sophisticated for me, too much abstract expressionism not enough tits. However it was advertised as “192 page wad. Note: Packed to the brim with comics, not a single page wasted. NO BULLSHIT!” So I bought it.
            It really is a zero bullshit book loaded with comics, comics, and comics. The styles and stories vary a great deal from each creator. I wouldn’t say that there is a central theme to this collection other than great comics. Each creator spins a tale that is unique and memorable. I’m pretty sure most of these guys are contributors to the Closed Caption Comics blog (so if you want to follow them, there’s a starting point). I don’t want to discuss the individual stories too much as I don’t want to reveal too much, but I will say there are a few horror/mystery/scifi stories. Luckily there are no autobiography stories. If there is one thing that makes me want to puke blood it is an autobiographical comics about some wannabe art school dropout eating his own shit about going to see fucking indie band that is too cool to be known by more than six people.
            So basically “Closed Caption Comics #9” is one sweet showcase of different artists from around Baltimore. 23 bucks, no bullshit, and it comes with a slip case and a poster, both very nice touches. 

That poster is pretty sweet and looks great on a refrigerator.

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