Monday, January 31, 2011

Bands to Watch for: The Devastator

The Devastator is a death metal band from East Lansing, Michigan consisting of Clint Harkness on vocals, Tony Davis on guitar, Scott Lehman on bass, Clint Salisbury on guitar, and James Dempsey on drums. These guys were cool enough to send me some songs when I was calling on different bands from Myspace to send their music to WUVT.  In fact, they were the only band to respond to my request.
The two songs they sent me were “Bound and Gagged” and “Black Rapture”. At first I was rather unsure how much I really liked these songs or even the band itself. They were cool enough to send me tracks and I thought the music was pretty good.
Fast forward 3-6 months later, and their singer Clint sends me another email telling me about their new songs and an upcoming debut EP. I had to change my pants after hearing the two new songs. What progression! The Devastator went from, “okay this is death metal” to “FUCKING DEATH METAL!” in a few months.
I am really excited for the upcoming EP and wish these guys much success. They bring some fresh sounding death metal while tipping their hats to the masters. Keep your eyes and ears up for these guys.

More information on the band:
Listen on their Myspace:
and exclusively at:

If you know any metal bands that you think kickass do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to spread the word and get their sound on WUVT*
*If  its good enough :) 

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